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Full Night

*Sigh* I just got done with a ton of homework. I had two assignments in astronomy due, and one in music tech. I hope orcapotter has a safe trip this week. She really needs a vacation. NEwayz I watched the presidential debate on TV tonight. Gosh, I'm more confused now than I was before. Ah, politics are crazy. The whole time I was thinking, "Now what part of this is going to be made into a SNL skit this saturday?".

I got a Guidebook for the Sims 2. It's already answering a lot of questions for me. One is, "Why do the Sims leave their babies lying on the floor?". Apparently in a Sim's world that's okay. In the real world, your child would die and you'd be arrested for child neglect.

I know today this is just a whole lot of random thoughts. I also wanted to make one last note. I'm thinking of buying the xxxHolic/Tsubasa 2005 Calendar off of the AnimeNation website. It's expensive $29.95 but I just think it would be so cool to have a Japanese Calendar. I dunno, I mean I already have manga in Japanese, you think that'd be enough.

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