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New Manga

I've really been in a slump today. I've just felt kinda depressed all day and I don't know why. Could be b/c I skipped my first class to study for a quiz in my next that got cancelled. Could be because I felt like I was being ignored by someone today. Could be because I still don't know if I got into the Visual Language program or not. Could be because i'm just overall confused with life and love in general.

To fix my slump I did what any good little geek would do, I spent money at the bookstore. I bought 4 manga, who knows why? I bought the last volume of Planet Ladder which was really thick. I read that already so that i'd be finished with it. Not too happy about the ending, but I thought that book wasn't really my style anyway, too boring for me. I bought another manga called The Flower of Deep Sleep which I have not got to yet. It's about a girl who can see the future before it happens and trys to fix it. I bought also 2 Amerimanga, american manga. I just wanted a taste of the american version. I got Peach Fuzz which was made by a local girl and is the cousin of a girl in one of my classes, so i thought that was cool. Even if it's good I don't plan to read anymore of her series. I also got Amazing Agent Luna which i think is very well done for an amerimanga. It was written by ppl who have worked on Kim Possible as well as the new X-Men series for Marvel comics. I might make a post about this manga sometimes cause it's kinda cute.

Well reading the manga has taken myself out of my slump for now. When does Star Wars Episode III come out?!

ETA: I just found out that I got into the Visual Language Program. One half of slump is over.

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