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I should be happy.

Happy Birthday sakura kinomoto!

Today i should be happy. I found out that I got into the Visual Language program but i'm not. BTW Visual Langauge is animation. I need to get a new computer, mine is a little out-dated. That's bye-bye to about $3000. I need to buy a tablet, not a necessity but would be most helpful. I had decided to quit my job, so now I have to actually do that, although it won't be till end of July. Then I also came to terms with the fact that I wont be going to the main-campus any more and I kind of miss that. Then i realized that i wont be seeing many of my friends any more. Well at least I can keep in touch with people by lj and AIM.

You should all check out my April Fools joke on fma_hush.
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