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The Search for "Fruits Basket".

Today I really didn't have much to do. I had all that hw last night, and I was so ready to get out of the house. I had to go mail a bill, eh bill. Fruits Basket Volume 5 was supposed to be coming out the 12th of this month. One time I actually found it two weeks early. So for the hell of it I went online to Barnes & last night. It said that Volume 5 was already available to buy, not for pre-order. So I figured I might as well go to Borders in Oviedo and look for it, plus I have a 20% off coupon good till monday. Well I went and they didn't have it. I decided to meet my mom for lunch at her office. After lunch I went over to Bluestar. I figured I might find it there and if not I might rent an anime or something. I ended up with neither. Last, I went to school to meet up with Carmen so she could use my computer. Since I passed by the school Barnes & Noble I figured I might check there also, even though it would be a miracle if they had it. Guess what, miracles happen! There was one copy of "Fruits Basket" Volume 5. I had to almost push a guy out of the way. I can't believe of all places the little, almost no manga section, bookstore had it. What are the odds?

Now I know I told you all about the Akito thing but from now on, as to not ruin too much, I'm only divulging secrets that come from American releases.

Here is what I learned in Volume 5:

In Volume 3 we hear Yuki tell Tohru about a woman that said "He's like a ripple on the water". This was in reference to Shigure's behavior. Now's the complicated parts. We learn that Shigure dated her for about a month. This woman was also a friend of Kana's, that is Hatori's ex-girlfriend. And in the last few pictures of one of the volumes, if you catch it, you also learn that she is Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki's teacher. That lady who always wears the ponytail. I swear this whole story is interconnected. Though I personally think that now Shigure may actually like his editor, just a hunch.

We also learn more about the kid in the baseball cap. It has to be Yuki because he is picturing it in his mind. He almost tells her but instead says never mind. My question is if in the previous volumes Tohru said "that kid was probably my first love". Does that mean if it's Yuki she will hook up with him, or since he was her first love would Kyo be the second? Just a thought.

The main thing I learned from "Fruits Basket" Volume 5 is that "Fruits Basket" is "The #1 selling shoujo (female) manga in America!".

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