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This was "My" October 5, 2004

Today I left the house late. I didn't have time to make lunch so I ran out the door and jumped into my car. When I got to school my normal parking garage, that is never busy by the way, was slammed with cars for a special event, Career Expo, at the UCF Arena. Luckily, I was able to find a spot. People were asking me if I was going back to my car. I was all like, "I just got here people!". Then I just made it to my class. I forgot to do an assignment, but it was okay b/c it was actually do tonight.

Jennie, girl in my class, and I walked to her classroom on the bottom of CL1. She was talking about some guy in her class that looked like a girl. I thought she meant this guy who had slightly long hair and his girlfriend and him were dressed in black. She told me no that it was this guy I had missed. I looked back over at the guy with the girl. I couldn't see his face but his body language seemed familiar to me. I excused myself from Jennie and walked over. It was Will. I talked with him for a bit and he introduced me to his girlfriend. She was very nice, but the complete opposite of what I would have pictured him with. For some reason I expected him to be with a preppy blond bitchy bimbo, but his girlfriend seemed very nice, I'm glad.

I went to the SU and I had to get something to eat since I forgot my lunch. I went to Wendy's, which was packed, but I really wanted their chicken strips. After 10-15 minutes in the line I went up to the second floor of the SU. I knew orcapotter wouldn't be there b/c she was on vacation. I was expecting to meet up with orianna_summers but she wasn't there. I went up to the 3rd floor to see if she was there for any reason and if not I knew a guy that lives down the street from me who often hangs out up there and figured he wouldn't mind keeping me company. Well I found neither. Something must have been going on today.

I went to BA building early b/c it looked like it might start raining. When I walked in there was this guy there that was all like, "Have you voted in the SGA elections yet?" I said "no" and he directed me over to a computer to vote. Then there were all these people on my back saying "Hi i'm ____ vote for me." None of them were even in the college I could vote in. One guy was trying to help and then he just stood there. I basically said to him, "I'm not going to vote with you behind me!" Then this guy from the newspaper came up asking me questions about the elections. I might get my name in the school newspaper, who cares though.

Towards the end of the day I found out that I'm going to have 2 major tests next week on tuesday and 2 major tests next week on thursday. Ahh, I'm going to by so busy this weekend.

When I came home and my mom asked me how my day was, I said, without thinking, "It's just been one of those days."

Edit: I bet you anything cmer is watching the VicePres Debate as I speak.

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