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And it still goes on and on and on...

When is this storm ever going to be over? It's still breezy outside! My grandma has to stay with us again b/c they said she wont be getting any power until Saturday. Can you believe it. Almost no one looses their power in this county but my grandma looses it again. I'm such a slacker. Technically if I had school today then I would have to turn in a paper about my life-story during college today. I actually have to do it today now. I'm in a cross between Film and art class for this so I have to make the story interesting for an audience, that is, lie if need be. I promised my dad that I would go out and work on the yard for 1 hour today. That's reasonable right? I'm so glad I don't have to work today but I have no clue as to my schedule for tomorrow and I lost 15 hours of work through this whole ordeal. For me thats like $112 before taxes. Stupid Frances!!! And now Ivan is going to come and wreck everyones lives again. When will the madness stop!!

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