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Recap of the Weekend

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
-- Robert Frost

My weekend was really packed but only the beginning of it was any good, because Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I had to work. So let's talk about the beginning of the weekend, shall we?

On Friday my mom had off from work. I didn't have much homework so we went to the mall (my dad is home right now because he quit his job). I was really, really happy, because I got my Mokona stuffed animal at Diversions (Fashion Square Mall).

Then after the mall I had my mom drop me off at UCF. I met up with orcapotter and orianna_summers and we all went down to Disney to go to "Mickey's Not So Scarry Halloween Party". We parked at the Contemporary Resort and lied that we were meeting a friend their for dinner. Which wasn't really a lie because we were meeting hermione_like and her family. We changed in the Resort's bathroom. I changed into my Hogwarts school costume as did orcapotter. orianna_summers was dressed as a Helen of Troy, but everyone kept thinking she was Repunzel.

After we rode the circuit of the monorail to get our tickets, we went back to the resort to wait for hermione_like. We waited till 7:30 pm (The event started at 7) and she made it. They had been stuck in traffic, and we all know how bad Orlando traffic is, but she still had to wait for her mom, who had the tickets, to get there. We polietly left her, I felt bad though, and planned to meet up with her when she got in. We went on Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Ride. The we went to go get candy, and I saw someone I havn't seen in like 2 yrs, Heather. She was working the candy and Kingdom Hearts character area. Then after that we met up with hermione_like and got something to eat. We then went over to Fantasyland and got a fast pass for the Peter Pan Ride. We saw Philharmagic (I hope I spelled that right). I really liked that, and I hate 3-D movies. Then we did Peter Pan and The Haunted Mansion.

I really, really, really, wanted to do Thunder Mountain in the dark. It is better than Space Mountain, in my opionion, when you ride it in the dark. Everyone enjoyed it, and just like most of the rides, we practically walked onto it. Then after that we went on Pirates of the Carribean. We all wanted Ice Cream but the good ice cream place wasn't open for the event. We talked about going to the ice cream place on main street. I think some of us wanted to go, but we decided not to, and went to the gift shops instead. I bought a Minnie Mouse beanie dressed up like a witch, and I got a special edition pin with Pooh and Tigger for the event.

I had a really great time hanging out with my friends at the event, especially since I didn't go to HHN. It went by so quickly and I hardly get to hang out with hermione_like anymore. We are thinking we might go back next year. If that's the case, count me in!

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