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Bitch & Complain

I have to go bitch and complain to UCF who has screwed up my records. They say that I owe them $328, when in reality they owe me about $172. And they wont let me enroll in classes until I pay! No, more like you people owe me. Now to add on top of that work wants me 4 days next week, which is about 30 hours. No, I have school, don't think so! Plus, I have to go talk to a teacher during his office hours and they have me working during all of his office hours. Most people complain they don't have enough hours, I'm complaining I have too much. I will have to quit if they want to work me 4 days, can't do it. Anyone want a job?

ETA: I fixed the UCF thing. Will be fixed in about a week, I hope.
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