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As time goes by...

Ani aka random hogwarts student #7
This Journal Is "Friends Only" Comment To Be Added

Hi, it's nice to meet you. You can call me Ani (Ah-nee). Well I'm currently looking for a job in my field. I have a BA in Digital Media and my specialization is Visual Langauge, which is just a fancy way of saying Animation. I obviously love cartoons. My all time favorite non anime cartoon is: Scooby-Doo. Other than Scooby-Doo I watch just about anything on Cartoon Network and some stuff on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Obviously I love Disney living in Florida.

I can read and write in English, Japanese, and Spanish. My verbal skills not so much. I'm better at Japanese than Spanish. I love learning langauges. I also want to learn Korean and Polish.

I started to really get into anime in 1998. The first series that I really loved was Cardcaptor Sakura and still remains one of my favorites. Only after getting into anime did I learn to love manga, japanese comic books. I consider myself a fan of manga first, and anime second. You can see all of my anime and manga that i'm into at my website which has direct links to my MAL lists.

I'm also a Harry Potter fan. I have all the books in hardcover and all the movies. My friends and I all dress up like characters or random Hogwarts students during HP movies, HP book releases, and special events.
i'm in gryffindor!

I really like to draw, write, and read. One time when I didn't think I could cut it as an artist I started to gain a huge interest in writing (although you wouldn't think so because I have horrible grammar sometimes). I'm mostly a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, and i do like certain mystery writers. I actually like reading more teenage books than adult books becuase I can't always stand the graphicness of adult books. My favorite authors are: J.K. Rowling, H.G. Wells, Christopher Pike, Stephen Vincent Benét, Louisa May Alcott (i'm sure this list will grow as I remember people).

I have an Icon/Art journal called ani_art. Which is almost dead cause i'm never on it.

Communities that I run are:
florida_otaku - Created and just allow it to be.
sos_brigade - Creator but I don't really run it anymore. (it has over 1,000 members at last count)

Closed Communities:
tsubasa_awards - I ran this independently
fma_hush - my 2nd in command is orcapixels (this community is now closed)
ouranhostchorus - I ran this independently

Communities I Help:

☆★ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya blog crew ☆★ » Tsuruya

My Current Favorite OTPs (Bash them... and die):
Sakura/Syaoran (CCS & TRC)
Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter)
Tohru/Kyo (Fruits Basket)
Haruhi/Tamaki (Ouran Host Club)
Haruhi/Kyon (Suzumiya Series)
Touya/Yukito (CCS & TRC)
Hikaru/Kaoru (Ouran Host Club)
erm well this last one is more of a non-sexual relationship love for my otp

Kyo and Tohru Are My OTP Love

More Colorbars and Banners Here

My Mood theme was made by fuyou and can be seen here

****I'm in the process of updating this**** as of last update.
Last Update: 07/29/08
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